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NEW GT-MP6C ECU for 6 cyl. engines

For further info, visit the ECU

MP6C is a high performing ECU and represents the evolution of AEB2568D

MP6C ECU has been designed for 5-6 -cylinder timed sequential multipoint injection vehicles. While running on gas, the MP6C reads fuel injection timing and gas temperature pressure and calculates the e Gas quantity that has to be injected in gaseous form in the intake manifold to obtain the same performance the vehicle would offer when running on petrol.

Thanks to the OBD communication protocol, the MP6C reads some original ECU parameters for better adapting the system and compensate the drifts and aging of the mechanical components of the Gas system.

Furthermore, through the OBD connection the calibration software can be used to monitor several engine parameters and eventual errors in the engine control system

MP6C is equipped with a diagnosis system for all Gas components, whose status can be checked during the installation of the system and in any moment of the engine lifetime through the calibration software. This feature may prevent malfunctioning problems and facilitates technical maintenance.

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