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Starting from today, AEB produces a new and improved version of OBDII diagnostic hand-tester AEB214 and AEB214 UN.

Many are the new features of the hardware:

  • a new built-in switch-mode power supply for connecting the device on bus CAN 24V

  • a new automotive microcontroller 16 bit 128K flash

  • internal expanded 32-bit memory though which the tester will be able to manage all the available languages (starting from the existing Italian, English, Spanish, German, French, Turkish and Czech) managing them easily from the main menu

  • a buil-it USB communication port for connecting to the pc directly, avoiding the use of an external power supply

  • a new wiring harness featuring a smaller connector.

The new tester features many improvements from the software point of view too:

  • dimmable light and contrast on the display

  • power saving though the automated switch off of the display backlit once the USB is connected