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Electronic timing advance processor that can be installed on 3-4-5-6 and 8 cylinder cars fitted with an injection-ignition system with a HALL effect CKP sensor.
It can advance 3 HALL sensors (PMS HALL + 2 HALL phase). In output it can also generate an engine rev signal (0-12V) that can be sent as an input to the input stage of a gas control unit.
It can automatically adjust the advance timing, improve performance, reduce consumptions and the risk of "backfiring".


Tech. Specifications

Supply voltage 10 ÷ 14 Vdc.Advance adjustment with 6°-9°-12°-15° curves.Advance can be disabled in deceleration by the TPS signal. Programmable via PC and specific kit (to buy separately) to adapt it to different vehicle models





Package contents

deviceconnection harnessemergency keybag of accessorieswarning labelfitting instructions









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