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Tech. Specifications

Supply voltage: Vbatt=10÷16V
Operating temperature: -40÷110°C
Current absorption with the actuators disabled: Imax ≤0.5A
Current absorption in standby mode: Istandby ≤0.5A
Actuators managed:
- up to 4 injectors with the following characteristics Imax=6, Vbatt,max=16V
[Pmax=25W, Imax=2A (power and maximum current for each output with two outputs enabled)
Pmax=50W, Imax=4A (power and maximum current with just one output enabled)]
Sensors managed:
- Gas pressure sensor: 463500000, 463059000, 463505000
- MAP sensor: AEB025, 463500000, 463059000, 46350500, original
- Gas temperature sensor: AEB type sensor (4.7KOhm), 2.2KOhm sensor
- Water temperature sensor: 4K7, Original
- Gas level sensor: AEB, o-90Ω, non standard, non standard inverted
- Oxygen sensor: 0-1V, 0-5V, 5-0V, 0.8-1.6V
Management of AEB119B type switch



10R-03 67R-01 110R-00 


Package contents

control unit switch with push button harnessesGas temperature pressure integrated sensor + MAP - shuttles 12ASMbag of accessories for harnesses








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